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Drugs4All is a young pharmaceutical company with two core business activities, pharmaceutical wholesaling & distribution and contract & sales.



Drugs4All buys pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceutical products from licensed manufactures and wholesalers in several EU countries. Our portfolio includes a large range of innovative medicines, generics, OTC products, medical devices and cosmetics. Our partners enjoy the benefits which come with our healthy prices that lead to large savings for the society.


Pharmaceutical wholesaling and distribution

Our pharmaceutical wholesale businesses, together with our partners, supply medicines, other healthcare products and related services to seven European markets: Romania, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherland, Poland, Italy and Malta.


Pharmaceutical Contract and Sales

Our company provides a range of flexible medical and commercial services designed to offer pharmaceutical companies, more sophisticated and diverse means to interact with stakeholders including patients. Our experience and expertise in creating and delivering tailored solutions across a range of communication channels, make us an ideal partner for the execution of customer acquisition, patient retention and risk management strategies.

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