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Drugs4All recognizes the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the way it manages its business. We understand our responsibilities to our employees, customers and suppliers, shareholders, the environment and the community at large, therefore, commitment to the highest professional and ethical standards is embedded throughout the organization. The Company’s reputation and the trust of its stakeholders are the foundation of its success and are of fundamental importance for the future success of the organization.



For a business that is all about serving its partners’ needs, it is second nature to make the health and wellbeing of our own employees a very high priority. It is one of the main reasons why we try to make our people to become proud to work for Drugs4All and eager to play their part in building a sustainable business. We continue to train and develop our people at all levels so they are equipped to meet the challenges of our industry


Health & Safety

Drugs4All is committed to providing a working environment which ensures the highest standards of health and safety for all of our internal and external stakeholders, employees, suppliers, customers and the environments and communities in which our businesses operate. Accordingly, our aim is beyond compliance with the national standards of the health & safety authorities in those jurisdictions in which our businesses operate.

Working in a manner which promotes a safe and healthy professional environment for all our stakeholders is a principle that we regard as a cornerstone of our business and we constantly seek to improve our health & safety systems and initiatives.



We play a leading role in the provision of healthcare services and work closely with independent pharmacists and local healthcare providers to advise and inform the communities we serve. Our business contributes to supporting the best level of care to patients and acts in their best interests.

The company is committed to providing the highest quality services and developing and maintaining long-standing relationships with our customers and suppliers.

As part of our commitment to quality, we have made significant investment to ensure the highest industry standards for packaging, storage and delivery of products are maintained and we ensure our people adhere to the highest quality standards.



Drugs4All is committed to the conservation of the environment. We ensure that relevant statutory requirements and the highest standards are adhered to and good environmental practice is applied in managing our business and providing services to our customers.

We operate re-use and recycle programmes and engage with suppliers and customers to reduce unnecessary packaging. We actively implement packaging waste management and the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment schemes. We also operate programmes to collect, and safely dispose of, non-recyclable waste, ensuring responsible disposal in collaboration with regulators.

We constantly seek to limit energy usage and are committed to reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Our company undertakes projects which reduce related carbon emissions. The company remains committed to further reducing its carbon footprint and continues to explore ways through which this can be achieved.



Drugs4All remains committed to further improving its CSR programme, as it believes in the value of good corporate social responsibility practices for the Company and for all stakeholders.

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