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When a new pharmaceutical is developed, the pharmaceutical company applies for a patent and thereby receives the exclusive right to sell the product for a number of years. When the patent expires, generic manufacturers have the option to market an identical product – the so-called generic pharmaceutical –and thereby add competition and thus great savings for both societies and consumers by providing high quality medicine at low cost.


Generic pharmaceuticals contain the same active substances as the pharmaceuticals from the originator. They are subject to the same strict regulation and high quality standards as the original products. Therefore, generic products have the exact same effect for the consumer as the pharmaceuticals from the originator. 
Generic products carry a different name than the equivalent original product, but the effect will always be the same.


Companies that produce generic pharmaceuticals do not have the same expenses for research and development as the innovator company. They can therefore offer the generic products at a lower price. On average, generic products are 77% cheaper than original products.

Drugs4All markets and sells a wide variety of generic products on the markets we serve, both within prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medical products.

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