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The pharmaceutical wholesale business forms the beating heart of the Drugs4All company. Day after day, we make it our mission to ensure that important drugs and other health products reach their destination. We provide this unique logistical service to our customers in more than seven countries in which we operate.

Across Europe, our customers operate in the wholesale business area and together we serve more than 20,000 pharmacies and medical institutions.

The pharmacies we supply directly are located in the main cities across our mother country while our partners are delivering pharmaceutical goods in shopping streets of Berlin, London, Rome and Paris.

Drugs4All has a unique level of coverage in the European markets. Every day, we put our customers first. Depending on the local market situation, our range includes up to 1000 items from over 100 pharmaceutical manufacturers. Drugs4All is always at the service of pharmaceutical wholesalers and pharmacies and plays its part in ensuring reliable, secure, and efficient pharmaceutical provision in Europe.

The pharmaceutical wholesale business is the most important link in the pharmaceutical distribution process. With our own warehouse and the close collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry, we make a broad range of drugs and health products from the various manufacturers available to our customers, delivering items promptly and directly to their premises. Our logistical expertise benefits the pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as our wholesale customers: we combine volumes, merge orders, and thus reduce the complexity for all parties involved. We handle distribution to our partners on a country-specific basis via our transport service delivered by our own employees, or third parties.

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