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Our mission

Our mission is to become a trustworthy bridge between the European pharmaceutical markets and the rest of the world. We seek to develop our core businesses of pharmaceutical wholesaling and contract and sales across the world and become a significant player in many major international markets.



Our purpose

Our purpose is to provide competition for the market and savings for consumers and society.


Our values

We believe in making a difference and are proud of the contribution we make to the wellbeing of the markets we serve. Our core values are:


  • Partnership - Includes respect, honesty, understanding and working together. We create and build value through partnerships, inside and outside the business. Together we can achieve more.

  • Trust - The essence of the way we do business. We are trusted because we deliver on our promises.

  • Service - We hold ourselves to high standards of service, for our clients and our people.

  • Knowledge - We are seeking to improve our knowledge of doing business and we thank to our partners for helping us



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