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Drugs4All is a progressive European player in the healthcare business. Our mission is to become a trustworthy bridge between the European pharmaceutical markets and the rest of the world.

To be able to achieve this mission, we rely on strong relations both with our business partners and in national and European associations, where we aim to make our influence count.


The right Business Partner

We seek business partners with high quality products and market knowledge. In return we offer a unique market access and extensive knowledge of the markets on which we operate. Our focus is on our relations and finding the right business partners is very important to us.

We strive to be our customers' preferred supplier - and our suppliers' preferred customer. We want to create value not just for ourselves, but also for those we do business with.


Drugs4All is a successful parallel exporter with good prospects for the future. We have a fast growing product portfolio of parallel traded pharmaceuticals in Europe and a competitive position on our markets.


We are looking for strong and lasting business relationships with both our suppliers and customers and we can guarantee that we are a reliable and trustworthy business partner: 

  • We provide you with guaranteed payments on time and access to essential market knowledge

  • We offer an attractive and diversified range of products, that meet market demand

  • We always do our best to create value for you as our supplier or as a customer.


We are not focused on any niches, but rather a large variety of product groups and in many different batch sizes and categories.

We provide qualified access to the European markets and in return we look for partners with high quality products/service, with whom we can build mutually benefiting and lasting relations. We are easy to deal with and our decision making procedures are smooth. 


To effectively meet the demands of our markets, we look for suppliers who offer:

  • Low cost production

  • Fast/flexible decision-making and proactive communication

  • Timely delivery

  • Short lead times


If you are interested in working with Drugs4All, please contact our MD, Mr.Pharm MBA Valentin Porubin Lazurca.

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